How Optimising Your Email Marketing Strategy Can Boost Your Conversions

Table of contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. 9 Benefits of Email Marketing
  3. Conclusion


Email marketing is a fine weapon in your digital marketing arsenal. Though many believe that email marketing no longer creates an impact, statistics prove otherwise. There have been many innovative marketing techniques that make email marketing services look vintage. But it is one of the oldest yet effective tricks in the trade, and it is here to stay for a while.

“Email is the Jason Bourne of online: somebody’s always trying to kill it. It can’t be done.”

Email marketing is a fine example of how some core marketing techniques still overcome chronological setbacks.

9 Benefits of Email Marketing 

There are more than just a few benefits of email marketing, and each one can assist you in your business endeavors.

1. Targeted Marketing

Unlike traditional channels of marketing, one of the key benefits of email marketing is that it can be targeted precisely. You can send emails to every niche of customer you have. All you need is a well-sorted mailing list, proper timing, and persuasive content. You can design campaigns specific to lead status, location, demographics and so on. Also, these emails make sure that your audience receives content that is apt to their needs.


2. Do-nothing-Marketing with excellent ROI 

Email marketing doesn’t need special skills. You could start your campaign with just the list of your loyal customers. Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing brings in $40 for every $1 spent. This ROI is greater than search, display, and social marketing ROIs. This is the most desirable benefit of email marketing from a business owner’s perspective.


3. Accurate Tracking 

The James Bond of the marketing industry is email marketing. Thanks to the targeted nature of its campaign and technology enabled tracking; enterprises now know exactly where their potential customers are there in the marketing funnel. 

Another noteworthy benefit of email marketing is that it draws precise metrics, mentioning delivery rates, open rates, click-rates, and subscriber retention rates as a percentage. It offers insights into your customers' behaviors and you can fine-tune your next campaign based on user behavior data.


4. Increasing Brand Awareness 

Making your audience aware of your brand is textbook stuff. Did you know that there are over 3.7 billion email users? That is over 48% of the world’s population. There is a large scope for formulating great email content to exploit email marketing services to create brand awareness.


5. Increased Web Traffic And Conversion Of Leads 

Emails help you to bring in new customers in every mass mailing cycle. Getting more traffic to your brand website and generating leads are some of the major benefits of email marketing.

Prospects may be lingering on your online portal or browsing around the web when they can be hit by your email. Being at the right moment at the right time would create magic!  Statistics show that Email marketing strategy is very effective and 59% of B2B marketers proclaim email is their most efficient channel of revenue generation.


6. Trengthening Customer Relationship

For a recipient, any mail sent has a personal touch to it. By sending emails, you are establishing a personal brand-customer relationship. Building a healthy bond with your customer is a great email marketing strategy which would help your business in the long run.


7. Reach on any device

Emails can be opened easily on any device – be it iPhones or Android phones or desktops or laptops. Further, one need not configure bulk mailers to make it available across platforms. Ease of reach adds color to the impressive list of benefits of email marketing.


8. Simple Testing

Emails are just like a marketing collateral. But it is more effective and efficient. You design multiple marketing collaterals and stick with one that works the best. Emails are no different. It is ideally suited for A / B testing. Simple testing is yet another addition to the list of benefits of email marketing.


9. Easy Feedbacks 

Knowing whether a customer is satisfied is key to retain a customer. Emails help you get feedback easily and allow you to improve in areas which are not your strong suits. Rectifying mistakes and following up with what’s working is an effective email marketing strategy.


The Last Word 

All in all, we hope this encapsulation of email marketing will enable you to comprehend the benefits of email marketing. Email marketing is still very much widely in use, and we would recommend using the same for a simple, effective and hassle-free marketing of your brand.


“Good Marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” 




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