Ok Google, How To Optimize My Website For Voice Search?


Table of contents

1.    What Is Voice Search?

2.    How Consumers Use Voice Search?

3.    How To Optimize My Webpage For Voice Search?

4.    “Did You Know?” - Facts About Voice Search On Home Assistant Devices

5.    Future Of Voice Search

What Is Voice Search?

Voice search is the most used application of voice recognition technology which allows people to perform online searches by speaking to a device. 

Nowadays Google is everyone’s best friend. Whether they want to know the restaurants nearby or know the show times of their favorite movie in the city - more than 40% of the people use voice search. Enterprises can cleverly use this fact to their advantage and get ahead of their competition. You may have to re-think about your keywords to make it more suitable for voice search.

Voice search has already arrived, and it is playing a vital role in the digital marketing plans of companies – big and small.

How Consumers Use Voice Search?

1.    According to a survey, more than 50% of the teens and more than 40% of adults use voice search on a daily basis.

2.    More than 1.17 billion Google Voice Searches are performed on any average day.

3.    In developed countries, 71% of young adults and about 40-60% of adults use mobile personal assistants. (which are trigged by voice commands)

4.    More than 60% of the mobile personal assistant users are traveling or outside the home/office at the time of using the service.

5.    Voice searches can be broadly classified into 4 categories:

a.    General information – 30%

b.    Personal assistance – 27%

c.    Local information – 22%

d.    Fun and entertainment – 21%

6.    Voice search queries or search strings are longer (than those which are keyed in), and they often end with a question. Typical starting words of voice search are: who, which, how, where, what, when and so on.

7.    More than half of the users who employed voice search were happy with it, and about 40% were neither happy nor unhappy.

8.    According to scientific predictions, by 2020 more than half of all searches will be voice-based.

9.    About 58% of people perform voice search on their smartphones.

10.    Some experts believe that by 2020, about 30% of browsing would be done without a screen!


How to do voice search SEO?

1.    Use natural language – Leverage colloquial type language which is most often used in human to human interaction.

2.    Form question phrases instead of queries.

3.    Provide short and to the point answers to questions in your area of business or expertise.

4.    Optimize your web pages for long-tail keywords.

5.    Think more about the intent behind the search.

6.    Concentrate on action-oriented phrases.

7.    Optimize your local SEO schema.

8.    Re-design your website to make it load faster, be fully responsive and user friendly.

9.    Complete and update your Google My Business profile.

Facts about Voice Search On Home Assistant Devices

Did you know?

1.    More than 44% of people use voice-activated speakers to order household items like groceries.

2.    48% of people would like to receive tips and information from brands.

3.    52% of people would like to get offers, discounts and other promotions from brands.

4.    41% of all those who use voice-based home assistants feel like they are talking to a friend!

5.    A surprising 53% feel natural while speaking to a voice-based device.

6.    63% of people told a survey that they are more likely to buy something from their voice-based device in the upcoming month.

7.    Almost 3/4th of all the voice searches have natural language inputs (unlike typed search strings).

Future Of Voice Search

1.    Voice search will give more importance to the featured snippet.

2.    Value of position zero is set to increase.

3.    Voice searches will alter the semantics of searches.

4.    Artificial Intelligence will gain more prominence.

5.    Mobile first movement will become much stronger.

6.    Value of local SEO will increase.

7.    Micro-moments would gain more priority.

8.    Voice-based searches will become a must for digital marketers.


Hope it was a useful read. Share your thoughts below.

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